Shameful scenes at Westminster .

I was disgusted to see the  police repeatedly charge on horseback at full-pelt into a peaceful crowd of children at the protest in Westminster today. Acting not to quell any violence but to force a containment “Kettle” tactic. Imagine if one of the young  protesters  had fallen before the horses and been trampled. I have contacted Eric Pickles MP and Nick Clegg MP to express my disgust.

The subsequent News coverage concentrated on an “Assault” on Charles & Camilla’s bulletproof and escorted car, how an officer was “dragged from his horse and beaten”. The officer fell when his saddle strap broke and the horse walked on him…it was shown live on BBC24 news, a clip that has never been repeated.

Nice comment from comedian David Schneider on twitter today:-“Police deny rumours that at the next student demo they’ll be abandoning a police van with Charles and Camilla inside”

The true story of  Wednesday’s protests by a schoolgirl from Barnsley

Shame also on those 28 Liberal MP’s who voted to support this Government’s unnecessary policy of increasing university tuition fees and also ending E.M.A. for children in F.E. (£35 pw).  How could a couple, both with these huge debts following university,  expect to get a mortgage? At this same time £120 billion per year in Tax revenue is “legally” swindled “avoided” by big businesses. For instance Vodaphone £6bn, Phillip Green £2bn, Lloyds/TSB £1bn,  Barclays Bank, Shell, Cadbury………… Join the protest:-

Poll in Sundays telegraph : Lib Dems ‘to lose half their voters at next election’ The liberal Democrats suffer a fresh blow today with a new opinion poll showing the party is likely to lose nearly half its support at the next general election.

“Things got a bit out of hand. We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets” David Cameron,Oxford,1986

Victoria Ward Chair, M. Roche


About Councillor, Sefton MBC

Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Victoria Ward, Ward Chair'
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