Einstein sensed the secrets of the universe in music

I have discovered that because of this disgusting Government’s attitude to the arts that funding may not be available for many 6th form & H.E. colleges to provide many Music and arts, A-Level and Teacher Training (PGCE) courses over the coming years.

This is a disgrace and ignores the importance of the Arts to mankind’ s creative process and hence it’s usefulness in Industry. .

In the Independent 28th Jan Jessica Duchen writes about how important music was to Einstein. In the article the violinist Jack Liebeck, Young British Classical Performer at the Classical Brits 2010 explains how :- “Playing music opens neural pathways that otherwise might not open,” says Liebeck . “It makes cross-references between different areas of the brain that might not connect so readily without it”

This clearly demonstrates how important music is to stimulate creativity. Many other courses in Arts & humanities are to be un or under-funded.

The outbreaks of the “Black Death” and the “Great Plague” in the 15th, 16th and 17th C.  were major events that took away many of Britain’s, Artists, musicians, masons, sculptors, philosophers and poets. The evidence is clear in the muted development of creative culture in those ‘dark-ages’ which I believe directly led to Puritanism and other radical secular movements in the following years.

For an example of this you need anly visit any 17thC grave yard  and note the lack of quality in the craftsmanship of the masonry.  “St Peter & Paul’s” in Ormskirk has many good examples.

Mick Roche. Victoria Labour party

Gravestone from 1623


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