‘big society’ = Back To Basics Traffic cone hotline

cameron on phone to 'cone hotline with ttree up his bum



The disgusting Tories, most particularly their muddling multi millionaire leader Cameron, have been flattened over the past few days as heaps of criticism of the stupid ‘big society’ rained down from all sides. It is becoming reminiscent of the equally silly “Traffic cones Hot-line” or “Back-To_Basics” dreamed up by that other sleazy government led by John Major.

Bishops, businessmen, Charity organisations all poured scorn on the silly idea. Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude was loudly shouted down by the audience as he tried to defend it on BBC Question Time.

Steve bell in todays Guardian

On Sunday, Labour leader Ed Miliband said government cuts had made the Big Society a “failure” – because people could not volunteer at libraries and Sure Start centres which had closed.

And shadow cabinet office minister Tessa Jowell said the fact Mr Cameron had to defend the policy proved all the problems identified with it were true.

“It’s too vague… people don’t understand what it means… you cannot combine greater responsibility for civil society, voluntary and community organisation, with cuts in the money that support them to do the work that they do.”

M.Roche. Victoria Ward.

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