BBC journalists told to use ‘savings’ instead of ‘cuts’ in news


The disgusting lib dems and Tories are delving into the filthy depths again. After Culture Secretary James Hunt blatantly selling out today to Murdoch over his takeover of BSKYB they now appear to be putting pressure on BBC chiefs to go easy on their failing, unmandated Government.

Sunny Hundal on the Liberal Conspiracy website has discovered that “BBC journalists have been instructed by senior editorial staff to use ‘savings’ instead of ‘cuts’ in their news coverage,  in order to offer a “rosy” picture of government announcements”

“It’s very frustrating for the journalists who feel [that] the true picture isn’t being told and we’re being told paint a rosy picture,” a source told Liberal Conspiracy. FULL ARTICLE HERE

ALSO:- Video of Tom WatsonMP on the sell-out to Murdoch over BSKYB



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