Sefton Council Budget meeting

YOUTH SERVICES Jacob Wilson  presented a petition of 21,557 signatures opposing youth club closures to the council meeting tonight at Bootle Town hall.

He told councillors: “There are vital, iconic and symbolic hubs used by 6,000 people the length and breadth of our borough.
Beg, borrow, steal, councillors. This is an emergency,”
Announcing the desperate U-Turn the Tory leader Paula Parry, tells Jacob that the youth centres will be reprieved for now and the whole system will be redrawn.

It was reported that initially 1.4m was to be pulled from youth services, prompting closure of seven youth clubs, now only 500k will be taken this year. 500k will then be taken next year, leaving a budget of 400k.

So then in-line with the cleverly thought out government strategy the Liberal and Tory chums are to savage youth services by 72% by next year. Although Council reserves will be used initially to prop up the youth services it is probable that the indicated ‘review’ and re-design will only justify this reduced budget.


Along with the abolition of EMA, the school uniform grant is abolished as is the travel pass for student at F.E. college further driving down the chances of being able to afford a decent education for our young.

SURE START CENTRES will be hit with almost one million pounds reduction to the services provided by our nineteen Sure start centres.  New figures revealed a government funding cut of up to £100 per child in Merseyside whilst some wealthier councils in the south are estimated to be losing only £30 per child.

EMPLOYMENT many people in the ward working for the council may lose their jobs or will see their wages and terms and conditions slashed and this will include others in the private sector who provide services to the council.  That is on top of the maniacal savergery of the NHS where 53,000 jobs are to go, wheras Labour created jobs for 83,000 nurses.

Carneigie Library



LIBRARIES our 13 libraries and mobile library service are to impose reduced opening hours. These services are very popular my two local libraries usually have a queue to get in at present opening hours with many young and pensioners availing themselves of the Internet services which they otherwise could not get or afford access to.

crosby coastguard station covered in windswept sand , windows smashed, letters awry

crosby Coastguard 2015

CLEANING SERVICES -BEACH CLEARANCE I suppose that there is no longer any need to worry about parking charges being imposed at the Beach Car parks as the promenade will disappear under the mounds of drifting sand over the years of abandonment. Although when McDonald’s or ‘KFC’ eventually take over the Coastguard Station they may keep their car park clear. Customers will be able to watch as unwary beach users sink into the Crosby mudflats without hope of rescue. The nearest Coastguard spoken of now in the proposals would be in Aberdeen.


Labour Leader Councillor Peter Dowd criticized the Tory led government for making “ideological cuts that don’t have to be made this fast. We have a coalition, a local coalition, which is in effect supine and useless. We’ve got clumsiness and ideology in equal degrees.

He said: “You talk about Big Society. Well, I don’t think there’s anything big in cutting support to the faith and community sectors.  I don’t think there’s anything big about sacking hundreds of people.

“I don’t think there’s anything big about closing children’s centres or smashing support to disabled people. It’s small-minded, petty and mean-spirited We’re on a path of destruction,”

“The Condems just don’t want to listen”…..”We will continue as best as we possibly can to mitigate the damage that you are doing to our community”

Tory leader Paula Parry was booed roundly and loudly from the public gallery when she laughably attempted to blame the need for cuts on blah blah …she was sorry to sound like a broken record again I suppose”


Cllr Les Byrom, Labour Candidate, victoria ward

Councillor Les Byrom said that  “The real obscenity is council’s in the south of England having increases in their grants and we’re facing £44m cuts.”






The outcome of the vote was in favour of the ConDem cuts 37 for – 22 against



About Councillor, Sefton MBC

Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Victoria Ward, Ward Chair'
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