Crosby mother’s fears for daughter’s safety in Libya

underground houses in Gharyan, Libya

Jennifer Currie, of Thornton, Crosby was visiting her Libyan partner’s family in Gharyan, south of Tripoli, and  is now too afraid to travel the 80 miles to the capital with her two young daughters for a flight out.

Bill Esterson, the MP for Sefton Central,  raised her case with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Bill said he had received assurances that emergency passports and a flight out of Tripoli would be provided – but getting them to the capital was the problem. “Although we have gained assurances that emergency passports and safe flight out of Tripoli are being provided, the 80-mile journey to the capital city is extremely dangerous. Any reasonable person would expect the British government to do everything they can to get this family home where they belong,”

It was reported in todays Huffington Post that “the strategic mountain town of Gharyan, the largest in the Nafusa Mountains, has been  retaken by Pro Gaddafi forces. The town fell after dark Friday in a surprise attack, and the government troops detained officers who defected to the rebels.



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