Jenny Currie escapes Libya LATEST:- Home in Liverpool



09:00 Bill Esterson MP reported this morning (Monday 7/2) that Jenny Currie from Thornton  is safely back in the UK with her two children after her escape from Gharyan a town, held by forces loyal to Ghadaffi, 80 miles south of Tripoli in Libya. Bill EstersonMP and his office  assisted her escape:- Bills website:-  Web page REPORT


10:00-Monday Mr Esterson just posted this message on his  Twitter account :-   @BillestersonMP Thanks @VirginTrains for tickets for Jennifer Currie and children escaped from Libya on way to Liverpool from London.



10:00 The useless LibDem/Tory government are not helping at all. Mr Esterson reports that the Foreign Office intends to charge Jennifer Currie her children one an 8 month old baby £1,400 for flight from Libya. See later news.


18:00 Jenny Currie & Kids on the train home to Liverpool. Interview on Granada Reports with jenny and Bill Esterson MP

LATEST:- 19:30 from Bill Esterson labour MP for Sefton on Twitter :- @BillEstersonMP Jennifer Currie and 8 month old baby 6 year old daughter safe home in Merseyside and Hague cancelled bill for their flights home from Libya.



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