Formby Rave appplication/Greenwood/Labour response

Wallace Greenwood, who also owns Warren Farm in Formby has applied for  a premises licence application to Sefton Council which will allow him to hold, live music, boxing, recorded music, plays and dancing on the land from 9am until 3am every day and alcohol to be sold until 2.30pm on the fields he owns adjacent to the A565 near to the Weld Blundell Pub & the Harvester (See Diagram)

A petition has been raised (supported locally by the Lib/dems) in opposition to the plan.

A Statement from the LABOUR ACTION GROUP :- Labour Action Teams are working with local residents to oppose plans to site a ‘rave’ venue on land near to Ince Blundell.


Catie Page, Cllr Steve McGinity, Diane Roberts, Bill Esterson MP next to the proposed site

Formby mum and campaigner and Labour candidate for Ravenmeols Catie Page and Manor Ward Labour candidate Diane Roberts are opposing the plans which would see the land at the perimeter of Moss Lane, Orrell Hill Lane, Scaffold Lane and North End Lane used for music festivals.

If given the go-ahead, up to 5,000 people could be congregating on the site between the hours of 9am and 3am.

Catie said the plans were not wanted by the people of Formby or Ince Blundell.

Catie said: “We do not want raves to be held on our doorstep. Living in Formby I know what kind of disturbance this plan would cause to traffic on the bypass and on the very narrow country roads around Formby, Ince Blundell and Hightown.

“The people of Ince Blundell will suffer directly a a consequence of the noise pollution created by recorded and live music which is what the land would be used for.

“Our community is not a suitable location for plans of this kind and the Labour Action Teams and my self will do all we can to black these ludicrous plans.”

Diane Roberts said residents in Hightown had already raised their opposition.

Diane said: “These plans are totally inappropriate for this community.

“We already have issues of safety on some of our roads in this area and this will make it much worse. Particularly when you consider the number of people who will be attending these events and arriving in taxis and by car. That’s a lot of traffic.

“North End Lane is an existing accident blackspot, this will just make it worse.”

Manor Ward Labour councillor, Steve McGinnity, said the application goes before Sefton Council’s licencing committee on March 25.

Cllr McGinnity said: “This is a very large scale proposal and one which we have to take very seriously.

“I have already raised this issue with the Labour Group to register my opposition and to present the feedback which has been collected by the Labour Action Teams in Ravenmeols and Manor wards.

“The application will see not just 5,000 people descending on the area, but also a late licence up until 3am.

“There are also implications for policing in the area and the costs on Merseyside Police, particularly in light of the front-line cuts which they are having to implement due to the Tory-Lib Dem government”

“This application is something which our communities in Hightown, Ince Blundell and Formby needs to come together to fight against.” LABOUR ACTION GROUP

Mr Greenwood’s fields at Hightown.



As far as this being an issue for Victoria ward I guess that involves traffic, noise disturbance (With the prevailing wind coming fromthat direction you can already hear the rifle range easily enough and sub-bass at 2AM will not be pleasant) public safety – people walking home in the early morning alongside a busy A565 through the dark Ince woods or maybe attempting shortcuts through the boggy woodland. Personally I am happy to see some new entertainment in the area and glad that a hard-pressed Farmer can make some extra money from his fields although I recognise that the concerns over safety and disturbance may outweigh the benefits on this occasion..




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