Japan Earthquake Videos & Other Information

A Magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck Japan Overnight at 05:46am (GMT).

15:54 GMT From KYODO :- Fire at Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi extinguished, Fukushima nuclear plant under control

13:36 GMT from Rodrigo Javier:-   Word that death toll in Japan has jump to over 300 as dozens of bodies are found along coast in northeastern Japan.

1236 GMT: Authorities have urged 2,000 residents living within a two-kilometre radius of a nuclear plant in Fukushima prefecture to evacuate after the failure of the reactor cooling system.

11:29:- effects of Japanese Earthquake felt in London as FTSE 100 over 30 points lower in late-morning trading, with insurers weak.

11:11 GMT Japan declares ‘nuclear emergency’ after problems with cooling system at power plant, NHK reports

11:10 GMT Japanese Prime Minister asks people of Japan to
be vigilant and “act calmly.” “The situation is worse than expected.”

10:57 GMT Japanese govt spokesman: Unable to pump water to cool down a reactor at nuclear plant. Problems with electricity.

08:40 GMT Twitter @adriennemong Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s cooling system
not working. Emergency state announced. 1740JST

08:28 GMT twitter )@tamsinchan Kyodo: Emergency core cooling unit activated at
Fukushima nuclear plant.

Live Photos from the scene CLICK HERE





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