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Regardless of what Osbourne and his disgusting rag, tag and bobtail sham of an excuse for a competent government  may say about fuel rises the truth is that Petrol prices are going up 2p rather than 3p  after the usual Tory VAT rise.  As well as that Osbourne, Cameron and nodding boy have only postponed the 5p duty rise until next January not ‘cancelled’ it as they are claiming.

On top of that deceit many garages, including Shell, Tesco and Asda, all increased the price of fuel by 1p the day before the budget. Of course there is no way they could have known!

Polly Toynbee, Friday 25 March 2011 About the TUC “MARCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE” :- “People who use libraries, museums and swimming pools will be there, along with a coach-load of parents from Hampshire whose Save Our Sure Starts will form a “buggy block” detachment.” “The array of cuts” “gives a flavour of the scale of social loss caused by saving trifling sums. The £2bn taken from North Sea oil profits to give Osborne a one-day headline for his paltry 1p petrol cut could have covered the cost of all these”

NHS spending down £1bn

Because of inflation, spending on the NHS is forecasted to fall by 1% per year until 2014. There are 410,615 qualified nursing staff employed by the NHS, so that’s the same as a cut of about 4,200 nurses each year.

Under the Labour Government and since 2000 the number of nurses increased by 62,723. ( figures from :- NURSING TIMES )

Then the snivelling, millionaire, creeps are snatching from Pensioners who will lose up to £100 in winter fuel payments this year, despite gas and electricity bills continuing to rise. Source (DAILY TELEGRAPH)

Remember Cameron pre-election on Sky TV promising to keep the Winter Fuel allowances begging pensioners “Do Not Be frightened” by Labour lies. Here is that interview on Youtube:-





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