When voting, you may rate your candidates in order of preference First, Second or Third…….etc. Then the first candidate, after votes are counted and re-assigned, to reach 50%… wins.

Personally, I believe it’s nonsense as most people will only vote for their preferred candidate and will not bother, or want to rate others. Would you give even a tiny piece of your hard won vote to a lib-dem or TORY? I certainly wouldn’t! If I ever had to vote under AV then I would only rate Labour & Green or a left wing alternative. So in essence it’s only 1st choice and maybe one other and that’s fine ‘vote as many times as you wish’ – Electoral Commission website.

This is the most convincing explanation I have found-In favour of AV

SEE ALSO Alternative Vote, “could I just vote for the Labour candidate?


Ed Milliband (Screen Capture)

Why are the Tories scared? They think they will lose big time if old voting system goes. Ed Milliband says :- “The tragedy for progressive politics in Britain has been that division on the centre and Left has handed a united Right victory after victory. For most of the last 80 years, there has been one Conservative Party but several competing for progressive votes. No wonder the Tories back the current system”

A reasoned argument here from Andrew Penman and Nick Sommerlad, Daily Mirror




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One Response to HOW DOES AV WORK?

  1. Paul C says:

    Red Ed regards the parties of the left as progressive. Well, he would. However nothing could be further from the truth. They hanker after principles stemming from Marx. The Soviet Union collapsed 2 decades ago. It was the model they so loved. Cuba’s repressive regime is another one they love. Remember when Kinnock and Healey went for discussions with the old guard in the Soviet Union? To discuss what? And remember the friendly trips and lauding of dirt-poor Cuba that people risk sharks to escape from? The truth is that progress comes not from these retrogrades hankering after failed systems of the early 20th century characterised by the smothering hand of state control that we see by analogy throughout the Mid East, it came from the right. So the word ‘progressive’ belongs better to the Conservative party than it ever has to the Labour party (‘New’ or ‘Blue’ or otherwise).

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