Pathetic Cameron

The Metamorphosis of narcissus

Cameron has just declared at his latest press briefing that no-one needs permission from the council to hold a street party. His exact words “It is very important to understand if anyone wants to have a street party you don’t need a food license, you don’t need an entertainment license, you don’t need to have written documents about closing your street, you don’t have to pay for street closures, you don’t have to have special health and safety permission because there are councils out there telling you you do need these things – you don’t”

Right then,  I vote we have a street party tonight around rush-hour on the Crosby Road North opposite St John’s road to celebrate something or other. Oh and how about one next week on the M62 to celebrate the full moon.

Stupid git,

Oh Just in, talk about contradiction to go along with Cuts, Chaos and confusion (and inCompetence)

Then stupid, malevolent, millionaire Cameron claims that Oxford University only let in one black student last year. In fact it was 41. LibDem/tories ! Just resign and give us all a break.



About Councillor, Sefton MBC

Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Victoria Ward, Ward Chair'
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