1. Read everything before doing anything.
  2. Put your name on the upper right hand corner of a sheet of A4 paper.
  3. Underline your Christian Name
  4. In the centre of the sheet, write the names of  three UK political parties
  5. Put a square around your preferred party
  6. Put a circle around each square.
  7. At the top of the list. Write down the name of the leader of your preferred party
  8. following that, write the name of a person you would prefer to lead your party
  9. Underline the  name In sentence no. 7.
  10. At the bottom of the sheet write your preferred voting system  (fttp/AV/PR)
  11. Draw a triangle around the answer you just put down.
  12. On the reverse side of this paper write the name of Mr Speaker in the H.O.C.
  13. write the name of the 1980 leader of the party selected in 5.
  14. say your own name out loud when you get to this point in your paper.
  15. If you think you have followed directions up to this point In the test, say out loud “I have”.
  16. On the reverse side of the paper write down your labour party membership number, or your phone number.
  17. Put a circle around that number.
  18. Count out loud In normal speaking voice backwards from ten to one.
  19. Now that you have finished reading, do only steps one and two.

About Councillor, Sefton MBC

Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Victoria Ward, Ward Chair'
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