How Does AV Work?

I have updated this page and re-published it including new video as there has been a lot of interest /hits.

When voting, you may rate your candidates in order of preference First, Second or Third…….etc. Then the first candidate, after votes are counted and re-assigned,  to reach 50%… wins.

Personally, I believe it’s nonsense as most people will only vote for their preferred candidate and will not bother, or want to rate others. Would you give even a tiny piece of your hard won vote to a flaky liberal or  evil, greedy TORY? I certainly wouldn’t!

If I ever had to vote under AV then I would only rate Labour, Green or a left wing alternative. So in essence it’s only 1st choice and maybe one other and that’s fine.  On the Electoral Commision website it quotes:- “You can rank as few or as many candidates as you like”

This video is the most convincing explanation I have found-In favour of AV, I can’t be bothered putting anti AV stuff here as they are mostly funded by unsavoury millionaires.


Ed Milliband (Screen Capture)

Why are the Tories scared? They think they will lose big time if old voting system goes. Ed Milliband says :- “The tragedy for progressive politics in Britain has been that division on the centre and Left has handed a united Right victory after victory. For most of the last 80 years, there has been one Conservative Party but several competing for progressive votes. No wonder the Tories back the current system”

A reasoned argument here from Andrew Penman and Nick Sommerlad, Daily Mirror


Locally many people are asking that if the AV system was accepted could they then just vote for the Labour Candidate as they would detest having to give any part of their vote to a LibDem or a Tory etc

The answer is YES! You can rank as few or as many candidates as you like.

Here are the rules under AV as determined by the Electoral Commision

How to vote(Under AV)

The ballot paper lists the name of each candidate along with their party name, party logo and where they live.

Rank the candidates in order of preference. Put a 1 next to your first choice candidate, a 2 next to your second choice, a 3 next to your third choice, and so on. You can rank as few or as many candidates as you like.

Who is elected?

To be elected a candidate must receive more than half of the valid votes cast.

The votes are counted in stages. In the first round only first preferences are counted. If a candidate receives more than half of the valid votes cast, they are elected. If no candidate has received half of the votes cast, the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and all of their votes are passed to the next preference on the ballot papers.

This process is repeated until a candidate is elected. If there is a tie at any stage then a candidate is selected by the drawing of lots.



Oh go on then, just one video from the No To AV camp.

Coming shortly:- “Can I vote YES as first choice and NO as second choice?”

                                    “What if there are only two candidates?” 

On a Lighter note….



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