LibDem&Tory to cut our Coastguard services

The Commons Transport Select committee meet today to consider the Governments? plan to cull our coastguard services including Crosby.26 April 2011 at 4:15 pm
witnesses will include Steve Quinn, President of Coastguard Section, Public and Commercial Services Union, Steve Todd, National Secretary, RMT, and Allan Graveson, Senior National Secretary, Nautilus International. The Blundellsands sailing club in Hightown also made a written submission to the committee

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Blundellsands Sailing Club

A section from the Blundellsands sailing club submission to the Committee describing a visit their members paid to the Crosby Coastguard buildings

“During a recent visit to Liverpool Coastguard by 30 members of the Blundellsands Sailing Club we uncovered the fact that the Liverpool Coastguard Station is NOT going to close anyway! It is simply that under the Preferred option put forward by the Consultation Team the Coastguard Staff who currently occupy the building will be withdrawn! This information was elicited when we asked who else occupied the building. The Coastguard Management Staff will remain, the MCA’s Surveyors will remain, the Coastal Pollution staff will remain and the Administrative Staff will remain! Moreover, the staff will continue to service the necessary administration regarding Seamen’s Discharge Books and ABs Ticket’s. Furthermore, the Liverpool Coastguard Station operates as a weather station for the Liverpool Bay area and NW of England. The Liverpool Coastguard Station is a purpose built modern building with up-to-date facilities. The MCA’s Chief Executive in an interview last week on radio said that the technology used by the Coastguard was forty year out of date yet, during the course of the visit by the Blundellsands Sailing Club, there was no evidence of the technology used by the staff as being out of date! The question is, if the Station is to remain anyway, why withdraw the Coastguard Staff who currently operating from this building? During the Club’s visit there were only three members of staff on duty doing a twelve hours shift. So why withdraw Coastguard Officers from a modern purpose built Station overseeing a maritime area of strategic economic importance to the UK and the Port of Liverpool if the building is going to remain in situ anyway!

On Labour’s website today:-Maria EagleMP


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