Time to hold These LibDem/Tories to account

Mass (illegal) pre-emptive arrests of known protestors. The use of kettling at protests. Threats to use Water Cannons on protestors. On Friday it was reported that the main protest groups, such as UK Uncut that use social media like Facebook and the like have been shutdown by the order of this LIBDEM/Tory sham of a Government, echoing the dying throes of Mubaarach in Egypt.  Then there’s Flashman Cameron stuffing the House of Lords with 117 new Tory peers to force through the LibDem/Tory pro-elite legislation.  Changing the electoral boundaries to ensure advantage for the Tories.

Before we know it the NHS will be gone and we will have to pay expensive private Insurance for healthcare. In Eire, also dedicated to austerity cuts they have announced this week that they will cap provision of  special needs assistants for the disabled in mainstream schools. How long can we trust the disgusting LibDem/Tories not to go for that one?

Eric Pickles, the swinish, obese, Millionaire, has introduced a legislation he pioneered in his Bradford Council Days named the localism Bill. This, coupled with savage cuts to Government funding, will ensure that Local Authorities have no option but to cut services such as special needs care, Allotments, libraries, swimming baths etc, and many other important services which they will no longer have a statutory duty to provide even though they will have forced upon them a duty to produce a balanced budget with massively reduced income.

This sham of a Government is ever more threatening to the welfare of the vast majority of the people in the UK. 65% of UK households earn less than the so-called average wage. The LibDem/Tories have clearly demonstrated that they have absolutely NO interest in them.  It is time to hold the LibDem/Tories to account.

VOTE LABOUR on May 5th.


About Councillor, Sefton MBC

Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Victoria Ward, Ward Chair'
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