Coalition Hits Poorer Students again

The Liberal/tory coalition policy to raise tuition fees to £9,000 per year has put off many Students from applying for University this year, figures reported in the  (Guardian 28th Nov) and today (Guardian 2 DEC ) show that applications from UK-born students fell by 15% for 2012 after this years sharp increase in applications to avoid the higher fees.

This has caused some Universities to reduce tuition fees to attract more applications but at the same time reduce or cut bursaries. Guy Anker from MONEYSAVINGEXPERT.COM has published this article in his blog explaining how this will unfairly affect disadvantaged students.

In the Guardian  today  Liam Burns, president  of the NUS said “fee waivers were a “con trick” because they reduced a loan that some students may not need to repay in full” –  “Bursaries, on the other hand, assisted students while they studied!” 

The well known TV Money man, Martin Lewis also of said that “the real winners from switching bursaries to fee waivers are those who can afford to pay upfront, higher-earning graduates and of course the government debt book.” 

Michael Roche


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