Disabilty Truth, Lies and propaganda

Yet more sickening anti-disabled propaganda in the right wing press today. The despicable journalists eager to push the anti-disabled message of the libdemTories led by ID Smith as they desperately try to force through the Welfare Reform Bill.  At the same time attacks on the disabled increase “He deserved all he got, he is disabled” shouted the teenage defendant accused today of attacking a disabled man in the street. FULL STORY

Chris on Nortern road using GPS and a long caneLibdemtories try to make out that their own attacks on the disabled are to help them into work and to get rid of the scroungers and feckless.  Unfortunately current PIP assessment rules will exclude 1000,s of severely disabled people; many of whom are in respectable employment, from the higher rate of mobility. For one instance, the RNIB campaigned for many years to get our 4,900 severely blind people(Those with zero sight) onto the higher rate of mobility to compensate for the many extra needs this disability costs. This award from May 2011 may now be rescinded under the new rules for PIP assessment.

The guardian publish a spreadsheet  CLICK HERE detailing the total numbers claiming DLA , what disability and what rate claimed.

As far as the benefit cap goes, I can’t see any sense in it personally, surely it should be on a regional basis as it mostly attacks families in expensive areas, big families or those flung on the LibdemTory dole queue who have large mortgages

Chancellor George Osbourne is now saying it’s all Labour’s fault that RBS boss Stephen Hester got his £1million pound or so bonus share award today. Not worth commenting on that. It’s reported that Hester will earn around £8million this year.

RBS Boss, Stephen Hester on horseback dressed in posh in Hunting gear

Stephen Hester, Royal Bank of Scotland's chief executive Master of the Foxhounds at the Warwickshire hunt in the Village of Tyso.


About Councillor, Sefton MBC

Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Victoria Ward, Ward Chair'
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