Former Littlewoods site, Bellway homes redevelopment


Former Littlewoods redevelopment site

 Responding to enquires from local residents and from a recent residents meeting, Victoria ward Labour candidate Michel Roche and Councillor Les Byrom met on 15th February with representatives of the developers Bellway and the contractors Greens, at the new housing development on the former Littlewoods site in Crosby.

Michael Roche said “Residents have raised a wide range of issues including localised flooding, water table changes, street cleaning, boundary treatment issues, vehicles on the public roads, plans to phase build the estate as well as more detailed issues of damage to individual property, we have been able to start a discussion with Bellway about all of these issues to give residents answers and try to get changes in the development to assist with peoples living conditions”

 Councillor Les Byrom said “There is anger and high feeling amongst many residents and we want to give people a voice, Bellway have agreed to look at personal issues on an individual basis, they have also agreed to undertake extra measures to alleviate flooding, ensure vehicles are clean before they go onto the public roads, block up Kershaw and Staley avenue’s at an earlier stage and a number of detailed issues from our discussions.

 Bellway have agreed to look at issues of damage to individual property on an issue by issue basis, but at our request they will come to a public meeting to answer questions about the development of general community concern”

 The detailed issues reserved from the earlier planning consent are due to go before Sefton Council planning committee in early March.   Michael Roche and Les Byrom will arrange a residents meeting after that for general community and site issues.  Any residents with an individual enquiry about property damage or similar, need to take the matter up separately and Michael Roche and Les Byrom have offered to assist homeowners with this process.


Councillor Leslie T. Byrom CBE, FRICS


About Councillor, Sefton MBC

Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Victoria Ward, Ward Chair'
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