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Benfit fraud hotline should be closed

96% of calls to the National Benefit Fraud Hotline are malicious or timewasting. Of 254,000 calls to the hotline in 2009/10, only 3,360 (1.3%) resulted in a claimant being sanctioned for fraud. In a further 8,000 cases (3.1%) error, not … Continue reading

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Coalition Hits Poorer Students again

The Liberal/tory coalition policy to raise tuition fees to £9,000 per year has put off many Students from applying for University this year, figures reported in the  (Guardian 28th Nov) and today (Guardian 2 DEC ) show that applications from … Continue reading

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Government are failing to deal with the housing crisis being faced by hardworking people

Given that the Belway Homes development which; for some reason, includes 82 detatched luxury homes this article about the housing crisis by the labour Party Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary Hilary Benn seems very relevant.

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How low income families will lose from Osborne’s Budget

Interesting article in the Fabian Society website by Tim Horton (Research Director, Fabian Society) and Howard Reed (Director, Landman Economics) CLICK HERE

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LIBDEMS imploding

In the blog ‘Left Foot Forward’ LibDem MP Adrian Sanders is reported attacking the party leadership for losing “a generation of young voters”, alienating “thousands of tactical voters”, a damaging “crisis of confidence” and a “lack of engagement” between the … Continue reading

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Deficit will halve in 5 years without any Cuts

The Government, on its own estimates, will halve the Budget deficit in 5 years without making a single public expenditure cut at all. The office of Budgetary Responsibilty OBR figures show that forecast growth will produce extra revenue of £74bn … Continue reading

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The EMA is to be replaced by Victorian style charity

    I was going to write about this humiliating, miserable attempt at a u-turn by Gove and his Libdem chums over the disgusting removal of EMA from our students but this article in the ‘Liberal Conspiracy’ Blog say it … Continue reading

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