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Disabilty Truth, Lies and propaganda

Yet more sickening anti-disabled propaganda in the right wing press today. The despicable journalists eager to push the anti-disabled message of the libdemTories led by ID Smith as they desperately try to force through the Welfare Reform Bill.  At the … Continue reading

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Hardest Hit march London

Thousands of people with disabilities are marching through Central London to protest about the Tory/LibDem cuts to benefits. RNIB REPORT HERE  and from the BBC  STORY HERE "Instead of cutting welfare bill by putting unemployed into work,this Govt are pushing … Continue reading

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Cuts to disabled by LibDEm-Tory council ruled illegal

The disgusting Lib Dem/Tory ragtag of a coalition on Birmingham City Council, desperate to please their equally disgusting Public-School, sham effort for a government in Westminster, were eagerly planning to slash nearly £120 million worth of care to the severely … Continue reading

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Cameron – £250,000 cuts on his own charity

David Cameron’s commitment to protecting disabled services in the UK has been criticised after a charity of which he is a patron had its funding cut by £250,000. The KIDS charity helped the Prime Minister look after his disabled son … Continue reading

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Accessibilty issues, Voting at May election

      At our recent ward meeting we had a discussion about accessibility issues for the blind and partially sighted when voting at the May Elections. The Electoral Commission provided the following information:-   Tactile voting templates and large … Continue reading

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New disability test ‘is a complete mess’, says the man who designed it

Amelia Gentleman, Tuesday 22 February 2011 17.51 EXTRACT:- Chris Grayling, the employment minister, acknowledged the problems with the test, but insisted that reforms would go ahead. “The test is badly malfunctioning. The current assessment is a complete mess,” Professor … Continue reading

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Independent Living for disabled people

Parliament’s Joint Committee on human rights is seeking evidence about independent living for disabled people.

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