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Autumn Statement

YVETTE COOPER MP Shadow Home Secretary on Twitter Page 46 of Autumn Statement shows government taking £1.2bn pa from families tax credits & £300m from banks. Three times as much from children as banks!! Precise figures By 2014/15 £310m from … Continue reading

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Coastguard cuts and the sale of Northern Rock

The LibDems and Tories have today delightedly announced the sale of the “Northern rock bank” to “Virgin Money” for £747 which means a loss to the exchequer of  £653m.  At the same time  they intend to push through  cuts to … Continue reading

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Bankers caused the crash and now they strangle recovery

The bankers and finance industry ride roughshod right across Europe, sneering at small buisinesses and working people. In the UK  the disgusting ToryLiberals have ensured that the banks  are protected with more than the NHS budget in £100bn public insurance … Continue reading

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UK enters agreement with Swiss to protect ‘Secret’ accounts

Economics is not my strongest area so  I am not sure of the full implications of this story but as it involves billions of £’s and was tucked away in the Financial Times on-line version I’m sure it must be … Continue reading

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Public Tranport Fares UP, Fuel/Corp Taxes DOWN

Whilst Lord Snooty, the libdem/Tory chancellor pretends to do something for motorists by a miserly reduction in fuel duty he completely ignores the young, old, poor and less wealthy majority in his country. Unlike the super-rich, aristocrats, bankers etc that … Continue reading

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Lloyds will not pay corporation tax until profits hit £15bn

From Harry Wilson-Daily Telegraph Lloyds Banking Group has risked heightening public anger towards the City after the state-backed lender admitted that it will have to make £15bn of profits before it pays any corporation tax in the UK. Lloyds, which … Continue reading

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London financiers welcome stolen £billions.

London -based stockbrokers and investment managers have noted a surge of money emerging from North Africa and the Middle East during the past month. COLONEL Gaddafi secretly deposited 3 billion pounds with one of London’s Mayfair private wealth managers last … Continue reading

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