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Autumn Statement

YVETTE COOPER MP Shadow Home Secretary on Twitter Page 46 of Autumn Statement shows government taking £1.2bn pa from families tax credits & £300m from banks. Three times as much from children as banks!! Precise figures By 2014/15 £310m from … Continue reading

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UK enters agreement with Swiss to protect ‘Secret’ accounts

Economics is not my strongest area so  I am not sure of the full implications of this story but as it involves billions of £’s and was tucked away in the Financial Times on-line version I’m sure it must be … Continue reading

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Time to hold These LibDem/Tories to account

Mass (illegal) pre-emptive arrests of known protestors. The use of kettling at protests. Threats to use Water Cannons on protestors. On Friday it was reported that the main protest groups, such as UK Uncut that use social media like Facebook … Continue reading

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Video-Why Libdem/Tory cuts are wrong

From the organisation ‘False Economy’ an excellent video explaining in clear terms why the LibDem/Tory Government’s ideological cuts are wrong. How the poor and disadvantaged will pay for the greedy actions of the Banks and other financial institutions.

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LibDem/Tory Payback for the rich

Got an elderly relative losing benefits, travel pass, winter fuel payments. Your kids punished for the actions of the bankers, schools falling to bits, teachers sacked, courses closed. Benefits getting cut? Here’s why:- News filtered from the treasury that the … Continue reading

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Lloyds will not pay corporation tax until profits hit £15bn

From Harry Wilson-Daily Telegraph Lloyds Banking Group has risked heightening public anger towards the City after the state-backed lender admitted that it will have to make £15bn of profits before it pays any corporation tax in the UK. Lloyds, which … Continue reading

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Corporate tax avoidance: Impoverishing the public

“Bankers’ determination to minimise their contribution to public funds is matched by the lavishness of the benefits they have enjoyed at public expense” Saturday 19 February 2011 Editorial in The Guardian   EXTRACT:- “Limited liability is a terrific privilege for … Continue reading

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