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Coalition Hits Poorer Students again

The Liberal/tory coalition policy to raise tuition fees to £9,000 per year has put off many Students from applying for University this year, figures reported in the  (Guardian 28th Nov) and today (Guardian 2 DEC ) show that applications from … Continue reading

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Candidate’s Report

After some time dormant, I have re-activated this blog for the up-coming (May 2012) Sefton Council Election Campaign. The ward selected myself Michael Roche as the Labour candidate for the election. Report:- 2nd November. Attended our Councillor, Les Byrom’s surgery … Continue reading

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LibDem/Tory University fees fiasco

The LibDem/Tory Deputy Prime Minister Clegg said that the decision by Universities to charge maximum fees wasn’t up to universities as they “can’t charge £9,000 unless they’re given permission to do so”. He also promised “real sanctions” for those institutions … Continue reading

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Video-Why Libdem/Tory cuts are wrong

From the organisation ‘False Economy’ an excellent video explaining in clear terms why the LibDem/Tory Government’s ideological cuts are wrong. How the poor and disadvantaged will pay for the greedy actions of the Banks and other financial institutions.

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Higher Education for the Elite Only under LibDems/Tory

The LibDEm-Tory millionaire elite, are seeking to limit access to further and Higher education for the poor and less wealthy families, to restrict the social mobility and entrench the wealthy in their position, a position that was eroded through the … Continue reading

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Andy Burnham-“world-leading school sport system is being dismantled”

A new survey of school sports leaders reveals that they expect to see a fall in competitive sporting events provided in schools. The sports leaders also expect to see fewer children participating in at least two hours of sport each … Continue reading

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Schools hit by last-minute £155m budget cut

Money already allocated by councils withdrawn amid fears that poor areas are likely to feel impact disproportionately. The cut has been made to a fund that pays for pressing needs such as free school meals or extra tuition for children … Continue reading

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