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Former Littlewoods site, Bellway homes redevelopment

Victoria Ward  PRESS STATEMENT Former Littlewoods redevelopment site  Responding to enquires from local residents and from a recent residents meeting, Victoria ward Labour candidate Michel Roche and Councillor Les Byrom met on 15th February with representatives of the developers Bellway … Continue reading

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Candidate’s Report

After some time dormant, I have re-activated this blog for the up-coming (May 2012) Sefton Council Election Campaign. The ward selected myself Michael Roche as the Labour candidate for the election. Report:- 2nd November. Attended our Councillor, Les Byrom’s surgery … Continue reading

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Cameron Chickens out of Auntie AV PP Broadcast tonight

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Miliband: Lib Dem voters should come home

Ed warns  LibDem voters that they support a party “that is locked in the boot of a vehicle which is travelling rapidly in the wrong direction”    Mick

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LibDem/Tory Payback for the rich

Got an elderly relative losing benefits, travel pass, winter fuel payments. Your kids punished for the actions of the bankers, schools falling to bits, teachers sacked, courses closed. Benefits getting cut? Here’s why:- News filtered from the treasury that the … Continue reading

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Alternative Vote, “could I just vote for the Labour candidate?”

Locally many people are asking that if the AV system was accepted could they then just vote for the Labour Candidate as they would detest having to give any part of their vote to a LibDem or a Tory etc … Continue reading

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Accessibilty issues, Voting at May election

      At our recent ward meeting we had a discussion about accessibility issues for the blind and partially sighted when voting at the May Elections. The Electoral Commission provided the following information:-   Tactile voting templates and large … Continue reading

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