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Former Littlewoods site, Bellway homes redevelopment

Victoria Ward  PRESS STATEMENT Former Littlewoods redevelopment site  Responding to enquires from local residents and from a recent residents meeting, Victoria ward Labour candidate Michel Roche and Councillor Les Byrom met on 15th February with representatives of the developers Bellway … Continue reading

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Candidate’s Report

After some time dormant, I have re-activated this blog for the up-coming (May 2012) Sefton Council Election Campaign. The ward selected myself Michael Roche as the Labour candidate for the election. Report:- 2nd November. Attended our Councillor, Les Byrom’s surgery … Continue reading

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Cameron Chickens out of Auntie AV PP Broadcast tonight

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Miliband: Lib Dem voters should come home

Ed warns  LibDem voters that they support a party “that is locked in the boot of a vehicle which is travelling rapidly in the wrong direction”    Mick

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Accessibilty issues, Voting at May election

      At our recent ward meeting we had a discussion about accessibility issues for the blind and partially sighted when voting at the May Elections. The Electoral Commission provided the following information:-   Tactile voting templates and large … Continue reading

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Labour party, Local Elections Document

Labour has produced a local elections document – ‘Labour: Your voice in tough times’ – which sets out the case for voting Labour on May 5th. To read a copy click here:

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The Budget-Fuel costs-NHS- Winter Fuel Payments > the truth

Regardless of what Osbourne and his disgusting rag, tag and bobtail sham of an excuse for a competent government  may say about fuel rises the truth is that Petrol prices are going up 2p rather than 3p  after the usual … Continue reading

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