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British woman publicly decapitated in Tenerife.

Written by Colin Kirby tonight on 13 May 2011 from Los Christianos next to Playa Los Americas in Tenerife. Frightening stuff, his video report on the scene below. “I am trying to be calm about this, it just seemed bizarre … Continue reading

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April 30th Japan Nuclear Disaster reports

The official report on the disaster from the World Nuclear Association. The latest report 30th April from Fukushima Nuclear Plant from World Nuclear News and 27th April HERE about recovery operations.

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UK enters agreement with Swiss to protect ‘Secret’ accounts

Economics is not my strongest area so  I am not sure of the full implications of this story but as it involves billions of £’s and was tucked away in the Financial Times on-line version I’m sure it must be … Continue reading

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International Space Station over Crosby

The ISS will be visible passing Crosby tonight April 28, 21:07 Looks like it will be a clear night. The International Space Station will be flying over at 36 degrees. Its magnitude will be -3.3: extremely bright! Even brighter than … Continue reading

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Ever wondered where that Ship passing Crosby beach was headed?

Here is a site that tracks ships around the world when in reach of shore. This page is tracking the ‘Atlantic Compass’ which left Liverpool Docks this morning at 11:42 am headed first for Antwerp.  See a photo and details … Continue reading

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LibDEm/Tory Cameron -Immigration-Medhi Hassan

Cameron the so called leader of this sham of an excuse for a government has been babbling on to his millionaire chums about immigration and how immigrants should all speak English. I can declare I am the son of an … Continue reading

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Nuclear disaster in Japan – latest news – APR 15th

For official links to up-to-date, authoritative news on the Nuclear disaster at Fukushima and elsewhere in Japan CLICK HERE   The European Union has formally set maximum radiation levels for imported food from Japan. The new levels, published on 12 … Continue reading

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