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excellent film of Danny Beaker Alexander realising no-one likes the LibDems any more — alan mills (@alanmills405) April 25, 2011 More chaos for Liverpool Lib Dems as Cllr Gary Miller defects to Labour. — Claire Ashforth (@ClaireAshforth) April 25, … Continue reading

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Cuts to disabled by LibDEm-Tory council ruled illegal

The disgusting Lib Dem/Tory ragtag of a coalition on Birmingham City Council, desperate to please their equally disgusting Public-School, sham effort for a government in Westminster, were eagerly planning to slash nearly £120 million worth of care to the severely … Continue reading

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Ed invites senior LibDems to defect to Labour

Ed Miliband appeals to Vince Cable and other senior Liberal Democrats to defect to Labour because the Coalition Government has “betrayed” their principles, reports Cathy Newman on Channel 4 news tonight. Here is the video.

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LIBDEMS imploding

In the blog ‘Left Foot Forward’ LibDem MP Adrian Sanders is reported attacking the party leadership for losing “a generation of young voters”, alienating “thousands of tactical voters”, a damaging “crisis of confidence” and a “lack of engagement” between the … Continue reading

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LibDem councillors resigning all over the UK

So far 51 Liberal Democrat councillors have taken the gallant decision to resign in protest at the “long list of Liberal Democrat broken promises” and the severity and unfairness of the Coalition’s Cuts programme. One Councillor, Abdul Rehman  sits on Blackburn … Continue reading

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LIBDEM/TORY/SKY/BBC language CUTS/savings

Read or listen to any of the reports in the ‘media’ today and notice how the word ‘Savings’ is being  used where the word CUTS should be. The LIBDEM/tory, horrible, sneaky, vomit-bag of a sham excuse for a government has … Continue reading

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Big Society Badger Cull

The horrible LibDem/Tory sham of a Government has announced it’s intention to allow groups of volunteers to organise their own shooting expeditions to kill badgers. The Tory minister in charge, Jim Paice, has described the culls as “free shooting”. I … Continue reading

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