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Bankers caused the crash and now they strangle recovery

The bankers and finance industry ride roughshod right across Europe, sneering at small buisinesses and working people. In the UK  the disgusting ToryLiberals have ensured that the banks  are protected with more than the NHS budget in £100bn public insurance … Continue reading

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Time to hold These LibDem/Tories to account

Mass (illegal) pre-emptive arrests of known protestors. The use of kettling at protests. Threats to use Water Cannons on protestors. On Friday it was reported that the main protest groups, such as UK Uncut that use social media like Facebook … Continue reading

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End of the NHS – C4 News video report


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Cameron – £250,000 cuts on his own charity

David Cameron’s commitment to protecting disabled services in the UK has been criticised after a charity of which he is a patron had its funding cut by £250,000. The KIDS charity helped the Prime Minister look after his disabled son … Continue reading

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Keep Our NHS Public-Letter to Lord owen-reply

We must not lose hope of saving our NHS from ConDem destruction.  I thought you would be interested in the following correspondence between Lord David Owen and a member of ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ here on Merseyside. John Usher – … Continue reading

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LIBDEM/TORY/SKY/BBC language CUTS/savings

Read or listen to any of the reports in the ‘media’ today and notice how the word ‘Savings’ is being  used where the word CUTS should be. The LIBDEM/tory, horrible, sneaky, vomit-bag of a sham excuse for a government has … Continue reading

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NHS in crisis already! same old tories.

Waiting times in A&E have increased by 63 per cent over the past year and will inevitably increase month on month ahead as health authorities further impose this wicked, sham joke of a LibDem/Tory government’s massive £20 billion cuts to … Continue reading

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