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New poll shows 69% 18-24’s would vote Labour

The latest Yougov poll shows the overwhelming majority of young people 69% would vote for the Labour party if there were an election tomorrow, only 5% of them would vote for the Lib-Dems. In the North 51% of all the … Continue reading

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Latest Yougov poll- labour 8 points ahead.

YouGov/Sun results 5th July LAB 43%, CON 35%, LD 10%;

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Latest YOUGOV poll

Labour: 43% (up 13 points since the general election) Conservatives: 36% (down 1) Lib Dems: 9% (down 15)

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Latest Yougov Poll

YouGov/Sun results 9th May CON 38%, LAB 42%, LD 8% POLL REPORT HERE

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Cameron Chickens out of Auntie AV PP Broadcast tonight

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a poll attempt

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yougov poll North 20th April

The latest YOUGOV poll in the North of England yesterday show Labour with a 49% lead over Libdems and 34% nationally. The national poll was Lab 43%, Con 36%, Others 12%, LibDem 9% Todays’ Sunday Times predicts that the Labour … Continue reading

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