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PCS Union – C4 Factcheck. Tory Ministers lies –

Yesterday during PMQ’s and TV/Radio coverage of the public sector strike Minister after Minister spouted lie after lie about the Pension deal, The Hutton Report and Strike Support.  They were caught out when their statements were checked by the Observer … Continue reading

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Hardest Hit march London

Thousands of people with disabilities are marching through Central London to protest about the Tory/LibDem cuts to benefits. RNIB REPORT HERE  and from the BBC  STORY HERE "Instead of cutting welfare bill by putting unemployed into work,this Govt are pushing … Continue reading

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Time to hold These LibDem/Tories to account

Mass (illegal) pre-emptive arrests of known protestors. The use of kettling at protests. Threats to use Water Cannons on protestors. On Friday it was reported that the main protest groups, such as UK Uncut that use social media like Facebook … Continue reading

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Kettling has radicalised Britain’s youth

An excellent article by Dan Hancox in the Guardian Friday 15 April EXTRACT:- “One night last December, having already spent five hours trapped by the Metropolitan police in Parliament Square, I was imprisoned on Westminster Bridge along with 1,000 other … Continue reading

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Paul Mason,Newsnight. 21 reasons why it’s all kicking off

In February Newsnight editors asked Paul Mason to list down some bullet points to explain the revolutions, Marches, occupations and other actions happening across the world. It has become one of the most quoted and read pieces on the internet … Continue reading

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Families Of Britain are on the March

I liked THIS ARTICLE from Mary Riddell in the Telegraph today. See the outraged comments at the end from various purple faced, blue-rinse Tories. Extract:- The TUC march was a “a gathering of generations united in fear and anger that … Continue reading

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The Budget-Fuel costs-NHS- Winter Fuel Payments > the truth

Regardless of what Osbourne and his disgusting rag, tag and bobtail sham of an excuse for a competent government  may say about fuel rises the truth is that Petrol prices are going up 2p rather than 3p  after the usual … Continue reading

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