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On My Twitter

excellent film of Danny Beaker Alexander realising no-one likes the LibDems any more — alan mills (@alanmills405) April 25, 2011 More chaos for Liverpool Lib Dems as Cllr Gary Miller defects to Labour. — Claire Ashforth (@ClaireAshforth) April 25, … Continue reading

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Very Posh

Me and the wife were delivering Labour campaign leaflets yesterday for Ben Winstanley the Candidate for Blundellsands ward.  As you may know it’s right ‘posh’ in Blundellsands, one particular blue-rinse brigade resident, sniffed at the leaflet,  reprimanded Avril for entering … Continue reading

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How Do You Sleep at Night? Cameron

A mashup of cameron’s appearance on the One Show-did he get a blue peter badge? He looked a gormless idiot alongside that owl. This video is produced by OH YEAH ME TOO magazine’ MICK

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Alastair Campbell on twitter/Hague-Venuzuela

@campbellclaret Colonel Gadaffi says he’s heard a rumour that William Hague has quit and is flying to Venezuela.

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Read Private Eye ON-LINE


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Nick Clegg in 47 seconds-Video

PITHY NEWS video slating of clegg and his phony liberal? chums “Nick Clegg, you may have forgotten where he came from, but he certainly hasn’t!”

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Atos Euthanasia packs

With this disgusting tory government about to slash benefits for the disabled a caller asks ATOS; the firm charged with implementing this deliberate cull,  if there was an alternative to a slow painful death by starvation and neglect

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