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Coalition Hits Poorer Students again

The Liberal/tory coalition policy to raise tuition fees to £9,000 per year has put off many Students from applying for University this year, figures reported in the  (Guardian 28th Nov) and today (Guardian 2 DEC ) show that applications from … Continue reading

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Autumn Statement comments #2

                  Polly Toynbee in today’s Guardian:- George Osborne’s autumn statement blatantly declares itself for the few against the many.  Here is the re-toxified Tory party, the final curtain on David Cameron’s electoral charade. … Continue reading

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Bankers caused the crash and now they strangle recovery

The bankers and finance industry ride roughshod right across Europe, sneering at small buisinesses and working people. In the UK  the disgusting ToryLiberals have ensured that the banks  are protected with more than the NHS budget in £100bn public insurance … Continue reading

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LibDEm/Tory Cameron -Immigration-Medhi Hassan

Cameron the so called leader of this sham of an excuse for a government has been babbling on to his millionaire chums about immigration and how immigrants should all speak English. I can declare I am the son of an … Continue reading

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Kettling has radicalised Britain’s youth

An excellent article by Dan Hancox in the Guardian Friday 15 April EXTRACT:- “One night last December, having already spent five hours trapped by the Metropolitan police in Parliament Square, I was imprisoned on Westminster Bridge along with 1,000 other … Continue reading

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When voting, you may rate your candidates in order of preference First, Second or Third…….etc. Then the first candidate, after votes are counted and re-assigned, to reach 50%… wins. Personally, I believe it’s nonsense as most people will only vote … Continue reading

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Climate change ‘will wreak havoc on Britain’s coastline by 2050’

In the Guardian today Jamie Doward reports on a new study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that warns that “Millions living near the coast are likely to be hit by rising sea levels, erosion and storm surges” and that “the total … Continue reading

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