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Letter to Ed Miliband

An absolutely brilliant strategy piece from a lawyer to Ed Milliband FULL PIECE HERE AT THE NEW STATESMAN TODAY Short excerpt:-  “Rather than an outstanding bill on a credit card, the UK’s debt can, and should, be seen as the … Continue reading

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Disgusting LibDEm/Tories to scrap and sell Council Allotments

Government paves way for sale of country’s 300,000 allotments as plot-holders revolt over plan to scrap historic right to council land The proposals could see local authorities, many of them strapped for cash under government-imposed cuts, selling off allotment land … Continue reading

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BBC Newsnight editor Paul Mason talked in his blog today about the value to him of the Twitter social media site. “Twitter is my first port of call because – and this is still stunning to write, even though I’ve … Continue reading

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End of the NHS – C4 News video report


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Cameron – £250,000 cuts on his own charity

David Cameron’s commitment to protecting disabled services in the UK has been criticised after a charity of which he is a patron had its funding cut by £250,000. The KIDS charity helped the Prime Minister look after his disabled son … Continue reading

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LibDEm/Tory Cameron -Immigration-Medhi Hassan

Cameron the so called leader of this sham of an excuse for a government has been babbling on to his millionaire chums about immigration and how immigrants should all speak English. I can declare I am the son of an … Continue reading

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LIBDEM/TORY/SKY/BBC language CUTS/savings

Read or listen to any of the reports in the ‘media’ today and notice how the word ‘Savings’ is being  used where the word CUTS should be. The LIBDEM/tory, horrible, sneaky, vomit-bag of a sham excuse for a government has … Continue reading

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