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PCS Union – C4 Factcheck. Tory Ministers lies –

Yesterday during PMQ’s and TV/Radio coverage of the public sector strike Minister after Minister spouted lie after lie about the Pension deal, The Hutton Report and Strike Support.  They were caught out when their statements were checked by the Observer … Continue reading

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Obnoxious, slimy tories and LibDems

After the disgraceful scenes at last weeks PMQ’s where the Tories and LibDems were loudly jeering Cancer Victims, they were at it again today wildly screaming and jeering Rape Victims. Ed Milliband had Cameron behaving at his most obnoxious and … Continue reading

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How low income families will lose from Osborne’s Budget

Interesting article in the Fabian Society website by Tim Horton (Research Director, Fabian Society) and Howard Reed (Director, Landman Economics) CLICK HERE

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Cameron Chickens out of Auntie AV PP Broadcast tonight

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Time to hold These LibDem/Tories to account

Mass (illegal) pre-emptive arrests of known protestors. The use of kettling at protests. Threats to use Water Cannons on protestors. On Friday it was reported that the main protest groups, such as UK Uncut that use social media like Facebook … Continue reading

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Cuts to disabled by LibDEm-Tory council ruled illegal

The disgusting Lib Dem/Tory ragtag of a coalition on Birmingham City Council, desperate to please their equally disgusting Public-School, sham effort for a government in Westminster, were eagerly planning to slash nearly £120 million worth of care to the severely … Continue reading

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Cameron – £250,000 cuts on his own charity

David Cameron’s commitment to protecting disabled services in the UK has been criticised after a charity of which he is a patron had its funding cut by £250,000. The KIDS charity helped the Prime Minister look after his disabled son … Continue reading

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